Pro Ballez Class taught by Katy Pyle:

every Wednesday 10-11:45am at Gibney Dance: studio 5-2, 890 Broadway

Pro Ballez is a ballet class for professional dancers with ballet history to reclaim the practice and performance of ballet for their own joy, pleasure, and artistry. Dancers move through a thorough and efficient Janet Panetta-style barre while being encouraged to play, contemplate, and discover how to bring more of themselves to the exercises, and then move to center to perform adagios, waltzes, pirouettes, petite and grand allegro for themselves and each other.

Level: Advanced

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BEGINNER Ballez Class taught by MJ MARKOVITZ:

every monday from 6-7:30pm at Gibney Dance: studio 5-2, 890 Broadway

Beginner Ballez is for new and experienced dancers to build strength, functional alignment, connection, spatial awareness, pleasure, play and embodied identity in relation to ballet. Dancers begin class with group introductions and then follow a series of set exercises at the barre. Class moves to the center of the floor to practice experiments with balance, turns, jumps and, sometimes, non-binary partnering. Beginner Ballez centers queers but all are welcome. Socks encouraged, slippers allowed but not required. Dress cute; in a way that supports both your gender and full range of motion.

Level: Beginner/Open

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Adult Ballez is a ballet class that strives to re-imagine what ballet can be, who it can be for, and how it can be done. Adult Ballez values connection, emotional engagement, joyful dancing, inclusive play, and multiple definitions of virtuosity. Adult Ballez presents all the typical exercises of a ballet class in an evolving practice of mutual growth and expanding circles of connection. We will warm-up at the barre, then move to center to turn, jump, and (often) practice non-binary partnering.

Classes are open to all queers and allies. Socks are useful, ballet shoes allowed but not required, beginner to advanced levels are ALL WELCOME.

Please contact if you want to bring this class to your school or organization!

Photos by Sam Miller & Courtney Powell


Teacher/Ballez Class Creator - Katy Pyle
Director - Courtney Powell
Dancers - Chris Bráz, Kirstin Dahmer, Helen Fourness, Charles Gowin, Madison Krekel, Deborah Lohse, Tanya Marquardt, Erica Ricketts
Producers - Tate Nova & Alison Midgley
Director of Photography - Jackson McCoy
Editors - Kaitlyn Chandler, Taylor Hebden, Courtney Powell
Sound - Edward Morris II
Gaffers - Jonathan Arturo, John Law
First ACs - Josh Sheehan, Ryan Beggs
PAs - Celeste Robert, Kirstin Huber

Recorded at the BAM Fisher Hillman Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Special Thanks: Sodium Ranch, Jules Skloot, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, and our 2017 Kickstarter supporters

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