Ballez is performance, hanging out at the barre, taking class, and finding a new frame for queer bodies to dance in.

 photo by Elyssa Goodman

Ballez is performance, company, class and community, that invites everyone to witness and celebrate the history and performances of lesbian, queer, and transgender people.
Ballez re-writes the narratives of Story Ballets to tell the history of our lineage, as dancers, and as queers.
Ballez re-imagines Archetypal characters to reflect multiplicity: of identity, desire and expression.
Ballez dancers claim our inherent nobility and belonging within, around, and on top of a form that has historically excluded us.
Ballez celebrates the virtuosity of complexly gendered embodiment, energetic eloquence, queer coding, and the magical adaptability of expression that Ballez dancers have cultivated through their lives as a way to survive and thrive.
Ballez is created by a community of performers of diverse trainings and backgrounds, each of whom has a unique gift to offer to this collaborative form.