Ballez is performance, hanging out at the barre, taking class, and finding a new frame for queer bodies to dance in.

Shows: The Firebird

The Firebird, a Ballez

Premiere: May 16-18, 2013, Danspace Project at St. Mark's Church

Reprise: October 24-26, 2013, Danspace Project at St. Mark's Church

Excerpts: June 7, 2014, Brooklyn Museum First Saturdays

Excerpts: January 10 & 11, 2015, American Realness at Abrons Arts Center

The Firebird, a Ballez is a Ballez version of Mikhail Fokine and Igor Stravinsky's eponymous 1910 ballet. Pyle introduces a yearning Lesbian Princess and a Tranimal (part bird, part Prince) as they seek liberation in a magically perverse landscape of Polyamorous Princes and their Magical Sorceress. Using Fokine's journals to shape her narrative structure and aesthetic choices, Pyle found herself moved by his idea that "each ballet's movements should be specific to the culture it represents."

Accompanied by the Queer Urban Orchestra, a simulated landscape by Hedia Maron, costumes by Mikki Olson, and a cast of 15 queer performers, including Pyle, the work deconstructs balletic elements and reconstitutes them into a community-oriented, gender-fluid, queer utopian vision of what is possible in performance.
Broadway World says- "Her choreography utilizes the classical ballet vocabulary, but in novel and audacious ways, leaving her audience entertained and laughing out loud."

Firebird: Jules Skloot
Lesbian Princess: Katy Pyle, Brooklyn Museum & AR- Evvie Allison
Sorceress: Cassie Mey, Danspace reprise- Regina Rocke, Brooklyn Museum & AR- Katy Pyle
Narrator: Sacha Yanow
Princes: Effie Bowen, Zari Esaian, Ariel "Speedwagon" Federow, L.N. Hafezi, Francis Rabkin, Mary Read, Lollo Romanski, Sam Greenleaf Miller, Lindsay Reuter, Silky Shoemaker and Nyx Zierhut
reprisals- Marian Ekweogwu, Lou Henry Hoover, Judy Iocovozzi, Janet Werther, and Quori

Video: Hedia Maron
Costumes: Mikki Olson
Lighting Design: Carol Mullins, AR- Carrie Wood